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Audacity Salon FAQ’s

Commonly asked questions about Wigs and Microlinks.

Audacity Salon FAQ’s

Commonly asked questions about Wigs and Microlinks.

Wigs FAQ’s

What is the benefit of wearing a lace wig or other kinds of wigs?

Most wigs can be worn as a protective style while deciding or caring for your natural hair. Wigs are used to add length, change color, add fullness, alopecia coverage or allow our clients to experience an overall transformation.

What kind of hair wigs does your salon have?

There are a few options of wigs offered at Audacity Salon. Our wigs are made with human hair of different lengths and textures such as straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. All wigs are constructed with lace closure, lace frontals, full lace and u-part wigs. There is selective ranging from 8-26 inches, but custom orders for longer lengths colors and textures are available.

How do I keep my wig on, will it fall off? Does my lace wig have to be glued down?

Your wig should not fall off if installed and maintained properly. There are a few techniques used to install the wigs. A client consultation is recommended to help to decide the best option for installing the wig for you. The wig can be glued, gelled, taped, or sewn down. Factors that help to determine which technique works best would be your daily activity, desired time of wear, your natural hairline, and your ability to maintain the wig.

What does it feel like to wear a lace wig? Is it going to be heavy?

The wig we have are not the traditional “old school” wigs. Audacity Salon lace wigs are constructed on a lightweight wig cap. The lace and vented cap will allow your scalp to breath. For anyone who is not comfortable with their entire head being covered with the wig, there is another option of the u-part wig where your natural hair is left out in the top for coverage.

Can I sleep in my wig?

Yes, you can sleep in your wig. Our stylist will give you detailed instructions about how to care for your wig at home. There is also a glue-less option that will allow you to remove and replace the wig daily or whenever necessary.

How long will my wig last?

The lace wig itself can last 1-2 years with proper maintenance and upkeep. The install of the wig can last 2-4 weeks when glued/taped, and 2-6 weeks if sewn. Our stylist will give instructions and recommendation on how to care for your wig and the installation.

Can I wear my wig in a ponytail, bun, or updo.

The wigs can be worn in a variety of styles. The styles will depend on how the wig is installed and the type of wig that you purchase.

Will the wigs cause hair or scalp damage?

It is important that the lace wig is installed and removed properly, to ensure the safety and health of the hair and scalp. It is best to avoid getting adhesive on the natural hair, excessive tension, or wearing the wig for longer than recommended. Being aware of skin sensitivity and allergies helps to determine what not to use for the installation of the wig.

Microlink FAQ’s

What are microlink hair extensions?

Microlinks are small silicone lined microbeads, used to attach hair extensions to the natural hair. Microlink extensions are an extremely popular hair extension technique used to add length, fullness, texture, and/or coloring to our client’s hair. Our salon hair extension specialist is trained and certified to safely install the micro link hair extension that will help our clients achieve a natural flowy style that they desire.

What is the difference between Microlink Sew In, and Microlink Strand by Strand?

Microlink Sew-In is also known as the Braidless Sew In. The silicone based micro beads are place on to the client’s hair, creating a secure foundation. Wefted hair is custom measure and sewn onto the micro link. Portions of the client’s natural hair will cover the weft of the extensions. An average of 5-7 strips are installed to achieve a full head of extensions.

Microlink Strand by Strand technique: The silicone microbeads attach the pre-tipped hair extensions to small section of the client’s natural hair. The pre-tipped extensions are installed in a custom, detailed pattern that will allow the client to achieve their natural, blended style. The number of strands installed will depend on natural fullness of the client’s hair, size of the head and or the desired style.

Silicone lined micro beads are used to install micro link extensions. The silicone inside the bead, is a protective barrier between the micro bead and the client’s natural hair. The client’s natural hair is left out throughout the install and blended with the extensions. These techniques will add fullness, length and or color to the client’s natural hair. Microlinks extensions will give a natural, seamless finish, and most installs will allow the client to wear their hair in an updo or ponytail as well.

How much does it cost to get microlink extensions?

The cost of hair microlink extensions will vary per client. The cost is usually determined by the desired length, fullness, texture, color, and style. Please schedule an in person or virtual consultation with our hair extension specialist.

How long will the microlink extensions last, or how long can I keep them in before removal?

With proper maintenance and quality hair, microlink hair extensions can last up to 12 weeks. The client must follow the recommended maintenance instructions given by the stylist. The maintenance instructions may vary per client. Certain factors such as the client’s natural hair texture, length, hair growth and daily activity will determine the longevity of the install.

How do I maintain my microlink hair extensions?

We recommend that the client returns for micro link tighten move-up service, every 3-5 weeks. During the salon maintenance visit, the micro links are tightened and secured back to their original position. Our extension specialist will give recommendations on at home care and products to ensure that your micro link extensions keep its natural luxurious look.

Do microlink hair extensions cause breakage, baldness or any other damages to my natural hair and scalp?

It is particularly important that the microlink extensions are installed, maintained, and removed by a trained, professional stylist. Microlink hair extensions are not always the best fit for everyone. A consultation will also ensure that the client’s scalp and hair is healthy enough to endure the microlink installation. If microlinks extensions are not a good fit for you, Audacity Salon’s extension specialist should be able to find or create a custom fit for hair extension option for you.

Do I have to use human hair for my microlink hair extensions.

Human hair is the only kind of hair that Audacity Salon uses for microlink hair extension. Audacity Salon is not responsible for the quality and finished look of hair purchased outside of the salon. We also have the right to refuse certain quality of hair brought in by clients for installation.